Conditions of auction

1. The auction is voluntary and open to the public. The auctioneer reserves the right to exclude persons from the auction without giving reasons.

2. The highest bidder wins the bid after it has been called out three times. However, the auctioneer has the right not to accept a bid, to withdraw lots, to regroup or to divide them. In the case of equal bids, lots will be drawn to decide. In cases that are not clear, the auctioneer has the right to call out lots again. The minimum rates for auctioning are as follows:

from EURO 0,- to EURO 50,- EURO 2,-
from EURO 50,- to EURO 100,- EURO 5,-
from EURO 100,- to EURO 500,- EURO 10,-
from EURO 500,- to EURO 1000,- EURO 20,-
from EURO 1000,- to EURO 5000,- EURO 50,-
from EURO 5000,- to EURO 10000,- EURO 100,-
above EURO 10000,- EURO 200,-

3. The auctioneer shall receive a commission of 20% of the additional storage proceeds from the buyer, a lot fee of 2,- Euro for lots not marked with an X behind the lot number. For all lots marked with an X after the lot number, the seller shall receive an additional 19% VAT from the buyer on the winning bid, the commission, as well as the fee for the lot. The buyer will receive an extra invoice for postage and packaging. All lots shall be auctioned off in one's own name and own account.

4. Acceptance is obligatory for bids. After winning a bid, the risk is transferred to the buyer. The dispatch of the purchased lots is effected for the account and at the risk of the buyer. The lots shall remain the property of the seller until payment has been done in full.

5. Payment of the auctioned lots, including the due commission, shall be due for buyers present in the hall immediately, for written bidders after delivery of the auctioning invoice. Auctioned goods shall only be handed over after full payment. Amounts not yet received by the auctioneer 10 days after delivery of the invoice shall be subject to a default surcharge of 2% and default interest of 1.2% per beginning of month. After the payment period has ended, the auctioneer may sell the lot privately or have it auctioned again without notification. In this case, the buyer who has not paid shall be liable for any loss of proceeds and for the costs of the repeated auction. He shall not be entitled to any excess proceeds. 6. Whoever bids for third parties is liable as a direct debtor in addition to the third party. The auctioneer may collect and sue for purchase money, arrears of purchase money and ancillary benefits in his own name.

7. Describing the lots will be carried out with the utmost care and to the best of our knowledge but without liability. Complaints of any kind must arrive at the auctioneer no later than 8 days after acceptance or delivery. Lots and stamps must remain unchanged, i.e. in the condition at the time of handover or delivery. Otherwise, a complaint will be rejected. Changes include the following: Removal, treatment with water, chemicals, etc., whereby the signum of a recognised examiner of an association is not considered a change. Collections and collection lots are sold "as seen" and cannot be claimed.

8. In the case of documents, literature, etc. with Nazi symbols or symbols, the bidder undertakes to purchase them only for the purpose of collecting them for historical-scientific purposes. They are not to be used in a propagandistic way, especially within the meaning of Paragraph 86 of the Criminal Code.

9. Claims of any kind against the consignor and the auctioneer expire 6 months after the auction at the latest.

10. Bids in writing shall always be carried out in a manner that respects the interests of the parties concerned, i.e. not on the basis of a maximum bid, but at the rates of increase listed above. By submitting a bid, the conditions of auctioning are accepted in full.

11. The place of fulfilment for both parties is the auctioneer's place of business. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes shall also be the auctioneer's place of business if the bidder is a registered trader or has no place of residence where German Law is in force.